My Business Philosophy

“I am NOT your typical real estate broker.”

I’m Jonathan Phillips, Managing Broker with Phillips Realty in Tacoma, WA .

First I want to thank you for visiting this website, and for letting me act as your resource to real estate knowledge and information.

Allow me tell you my philosophy regarding my real estate clients. This is the distillation of over 25 years of experience helping people to sell and purchase their homes.   Most of that experience was positive, although some was not.

All of it was instructive .

In case you missed it on the Home page, here are the two similar but vastly different perspectives that I have seen people experience in real estate:

Selling your home is a financial decision
with important emotional considerations.”

Buying a home is an emotional decision
with important financial considerations.”

I believe that selling your home or finding and buying that dream home you are searching for should not be filled with stress. It often is, but it does not have to be.

In fact, selling or buying a home should be fun!  It can be if you know how. The trouble is, most people are not experienced in the process of marketing or buying real estate.  Actually, how could you be?  How often do you actually do it?

Most sellers will sell one, two, or perhaps four or five homes in their lives.

Most buyers in the market now have never bought or sold a home before.

That is simply not enough experience to ‘fly solo’ in your own transaction in the highly-technical, legally-binding, and emotionally volatile world of real estate sales. I do not believe that you should spend the next 25 years learning what I did through formal education and ‘hard knocks’.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. I am ready and willing to help you to achieve your goals without being stopped by the inevitable obstacles and challenges.

My function as your Real Estate Broker is to give you the benefit of my 25+ years of residential and commercial real estate experience, so that you can concentrate on your goals, needs, and dreams, not the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what it takes to successfully complete a real estate transaction.

YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION WHEN YOU SPEAK WITH ME OR EMAIL ME ABOUT YOUR REAL ESTATE QUESTIONS. There are no ulterior motives on my part, and I am not waiting for the best moment to ‘spring’ the latest sales pitch on you, or simply wear you down with endless talk or ‘scripts’ that some agents go to $1000 seminars to learn.

Life is too precious to waste that way.
I would not want to be treated that way either.

You should not be bombarded with sales calls , hounded to make or accept offers, or fail to receive the highest level of personal service that you deserve, just because some ‘typical salesperson’ needs to make money.


I do not treat people with such disrespect, whether they are my clients or not.

I structure my service to YOUR wants and needs, not to a desire for business.

You define how much and what information you need and how to be contacted (email, telephone, fax, in-person), and that’s how our relationship will take place.

This is why my clients have asked me to tell you that I’m “Not your typical real estate broker.”

Thank you for visiting this site, and for reading this long page. I appreciate your time and consideration, and your trust. I know that you have literally thousands of choices in the real estate marketplace, and I’d like to thank you for considering my services.

To reach me, click on the “Contact Me” link anywhere in the site, or call me at 253-752-5800 or 1-800-LISTING.

I look forward to meeting you, and helping you reach your real estate goals.