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Step 4 To Fix Your Credit After A Pierce County Short Sale: Write The Credit Bureaus

Pierce County WA – Using your work on the credit report, you are ready to take action. You are now going to write…
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Three Ways The Big Banks Could Help The Housing Tacoma Market And Increase Their Profits At The Same Time

Pierce County WA – It seems unlikely that the big banks could help the housing marketing and make a profit at the same…
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Why Do Some Tacoma or Pierce County Short Sales Fail While Others Succeed?

Pierce County WA – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from James. Here was his question. “I’ve heard that there is…
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Tacoma Pierce County Short Sale Question: How Can I Buy Another Home Right After A Short Sale?

Tacoma Pierce County WA – The biggest advantage a short sale has over a foreclosure is that you can buy your next home…
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Step 3 To Fix Your Credit After A Pierce County Short Sale: Rank Items In Order Of Importance

Pierce County WA – The next step in going over your credit reports is to really rank the items being reported about you…
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